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September 2nd - Committee approves e-cargo bike pilot

The City’s Transportation Committee approved a pilot program and a new by-law to permit e-cargo bikes in Ottawa for personal and commercial use.

The Province recently changed the Highway Traffic Act to evaluate the use of power-assisted cargo bikes and introduce a new five-year pilot program for municipalities to enact a by-law permitting such vehicles. The City’s new by-law and pilot would allow the use of e-cargo bikes as an active transportation option for residents and a sustainable alternative to delivery trucks for businesses. Licensed e-rickshaws would also be allowed to transport residents and visitors.

Commercial e-cargo bikes would be prohibited from using the City’s multi-use pathways, while personal use would be permitted. All e-cargo bikes would be able to use the roadway, on-street bike lanes, cycle tracks and separated bike lanes, but would not be allowed on sidewalks. Staff would report back to Transportation Committee with pilot results in 2024.

The Committee approved the recommended plan for transit priority measures and active transportation improvements on Montreal Road between St. Laurent Boulevard and Shefford Road, and on Blair Road between Montreal Road and Blair Station. The plan would make transit service more efficient, provide better connections to Blair and Montréal Stations and improve active transportation in the area.

The plan includes segments of bus-only lanes, and projects a transit ridership increase of 45 per cent along the corridor over the next 25 years. It also includes new segregated cycle tracks, wider sidewalks, protected intersections and a multi-use pathway. It also identifies a preferred location for a new bus turnaround to allow more bus connections to Montréal Station, coming as part of the Stage 2 O-Train expansion.

Recommendations from today’s meeting will rise to Council on Wednesday, September 8.

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