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September 2nd - Back to School Road SMARTS campaign

Ottawa Saftey Council is promoting a Back to School Road SMARTS pledge campaign designed to increase Ottawa’s compliance with safe road use in order to save lives and reduce injuries on our roads as kids head back to school. We anticipate very active roadways when kids go back to school as soon as Thursday with more pedestrian, bicycle and vehicular traffic making up for the fact that fewer students will be taking the school bus.

Road SMARTS stands for: Support Making All Road Travel Safe.

As schools, parents and students plan their routes to and from school, we are encouraging everyone in the community to use their Road SMARTS to ensure everyone’s safety and to reduce traffic in and around School Zones.

As parents work around school schedules and possible bussing limitations, an increase in traffic related to these changes is expected in and around schools. We are hoping this campaign will draw awareness to this increase in traffic and will encourage the community to come together to ensure everyone is safe. Whether students are walking, cycling, being driven or taking the bus, road safety isn’t something anyone can afford to take for granted and it’s something we all have a right to.

The Road SMARTS Pledge is a commitment from all road users, regardless of age or how they use our roads, to practice road safety at all times and to encourage others to do the same through a free pledge that not only emphasizes their commitment, but also provides actionable tips road users can put into place immediately.

To learn more about the Road SMARTS pledge, click here.

It is our hope that we can spread the word about this important initiative through our city officials and the local media. If you would like to arrange a time to speak with me about the Back to School #RoadSMARTS pledge campaign, you can reach me at the coordinates below. Please follow, like and share our social media messaging through this busy time of year for children and parents.

Road safety is a shared responsibility and individual changes can make a positive collective impact!

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