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October 21st - Fiber Optic Installation Updates

Telecon will begin work on the following streets in for fiber optic installation:

  • Longfields Drive between Calaveras Avenue and Deercroft Avenue

  • Rodeo Drive between Longfields Drive and San Mateo Drive

  • Claridge Drive between Calavaras Avenue and Strandherd Drive

  • Portrush Avenue between Longfields Drive and Claridge Drive

  • Deercroft Avenue between Longfields Drive and Claridge Avenue

  • Haylock Way between Rodeo Drive and Deercroft Avenue

  • Oakfield Crescent

Below is the information pamphlet to residents affected:

Dear Resident,

Telecon is installing the new Bell Fiber Optic network in your area. To install this new network, we will be utilizing a combination of construction methods such as Directional Drilling, Micro Trenching, Hydro excavation and Existing Conduit Infrastructure.

The method of construction is determined by many factors including existing utility location, future city projects and safety of installation. Telecon does not have the ability to change the approved method of construction. All work being done is in the municipal utility easement of the property and is fully permitted by the City of Ottawa. All work is inspected regularly by the City and Bell inspectors to ensure construction is done in accordance with and meets the standards set out by the permits.

The first sign of work starting in your area is a procedure called “Locates”.

  • Telecon-Promark employees will be locating the existing underground infrastructure and applying paint and flags in various colours to identify to the construction crews of its location. The paint used is water based and will fade over a short period of time. Please do not remove the flags. They will be removed by the construction crews once the work is complete and the flags are no longer required to work safely.

Construction Methods:

  • Directional drilling.

A large drill machine approximately 3 meters wide and 7 meters longs, weighing 20 to

30 tons. This machine is tracked to disperse weight and we place plywood down to

ensure minimal damage to lawn and driveways. The machine is connected to a pump in

a large box truck to supply the fluids required to run the machine. In order to perform

directional drilling safely and in accordance with municipal and federal laws, excavation

pits are required on all existing utilities in the area. The location of and size of these

holes is determined by the utility owners, depth and location, Ministry of Labour, and

safety regulations outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

  • Micro Trenching.

A small tracked skid steer machine with a 24-inch trenching wheel, with carbide teeth

on it. The skid steer drives along the curb or on the sidewalk while the cutting wheel

creates a 2 to 6-inch-wide trench along the curb/sidewalk. The dirt from the trench is

piled neatly along the trench. To perform this task any hard surface such as asphalt will

be cut and removed prior to the trenching machine crossing. All hard surface will be

reinstated using municipal standard requirements. If you have an interlock driveway,

the interlock will be removed and reinstalled when the trenching is complete. At all

times, access to your driveway will be maintained.

  • Hydro Excavation

A large and loud Hydro Vac truck uses a high-pressure water wand and a powerful

suction vacuum to remove the ground around existing utilities in a safe manner. This

material is removed from site and creates daylight holes to allow our employees to see

all existing utilities and perform the construction tasks safely.

  • Existing Conduit Infrastructure

Is the use of conduits placed underground at the time the homes were built. They

require daylight holes at junctions and places where the cable exits the conduit.

Restoration of your Property

Deep excavations are backfilled with sand first to protect the utility, then granular, and topped off with approximately 4 to 6-inches of a high-grade black earth topsoil mixture. Micro trench is backfilled with the originally dirt removed by the micro trencher and then top dressed in our black earth topsoil mixture. All areas are then seeded using a combination blend of Kentucky Blue grass, Fine Fescue, Tall Fescue and Perennial Ryegrass. Restoration is weather dependent so timelines may vary slightly.

If you have an underground sprinkler system, we ask that you have your sprinkler company locate the sprinkler heads and feeding lines to assist us in preventing damage. Sprinklers are not located during the locate process so we will not know the locations without the assistance from the sprinkler company. If your sprinkler is damaged during the construction process, please reach out to the Telecon Customer Care group on next steps.

If you have previously provided permission to the canvassing team a fibre service wire will be installed to the side of your home. This service wire will be placed by slicing the lawn and inserting the wire. There will be no damage to your property and no access to your home is required. Once complete, your home will be “fibre ready” and you may order the service at any time.

Contact information for the Telecon Customer Care group is as follows;


Phone: 1-833-386-8227

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