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October 14th - City of Ottawa will add 15 new Automated Speed Enforcement cameras in school zones

The City is expanding its Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program by gradually adding 15 new camera locations over the next year, which will be installed near school zones to protect vulnerable road users – especially daycare and school-aged children.

Signage announcing the installment of ASE cameras will be posted in October at these three locations:

  • St. Laurent Boulevard from Noranda Avenue to Clarke Avenue

  • Bearbrook Road from Centrepark Drive to Innes Road

  • Greenbank Road from Jockvale Road to Half Moon Bay

In accordance with provincial regulations, warning signs will be posted at these new ASE locations for 90 days before any tickets can be issued. The first three locations are expected to be operational by mid-January 2022. Like the red-light cameras, ASE tickets are issued to the vehicle plate holder, not the driver. Only a monetary fine is issued without any loss of demerit points.

The other new locations scheduled to have warning signage and have ASE cameras installed over the next year include:

  • Tenth Line Road from Amiens Street to Des Epinettes Avenue

  • Abbott Street east from Moss Hill trail to Shea Road

  • Kanata Avenue from Goulbourn Forced Road to Walden Drive

  • Stittsville Main Street from Bandelier Way to Hazeldean Road

  • Woodroffe Avenue from Georgina Drive to Highway 417

  • Greenbank Road from Harrison Street to Banner Road

  • Fisher Avenue from Deer Park Road to Kintyre Private

  • Alta Vista Drive from Ayers Avenue to Ridgemont Avenue

  • Crestway Drive from Oldfield Street to Hathaway Drive

  • Chapman Mills Drive from Beatrice Drive to Meadgate Gate

  • Abbeyhill Drive from Aldburn Place to Sherwood Street

  • Bridgestone Drive from Sunnybrooke Drive to Granite Court

After the Province of Ontario’s Bill 65 – Safer School Zone Act – introduced the use of Automated Speed Enforcement, Council approved the launch of a year-long pilot project in July 2020 at eight priority school zone locations, where radar data was collected.

One year after the pilot project has been implemented, 101,778 tickets were issued from mid-July 2020 to mid-July 2021 and generated approximately $5.4 million in revenue. The revenue generated from the Automated Speed Enforcement program will be reinvested into the City’s Safer Roads Ottawa program, which uses education, engineering and enforcement to promote greater road safety for all road users.

Data showed that ASE had a positive impact on driver speed and safety on average at all eight locations. Benefits from the program include:

  • 200 per cent increase in compliance with the speed limit

  • 11 per cent decrease at which 85 per cent of the traffic is travelling at or below the speed limit

  • 72 per cent decrease in drivers traveling at 15 km/h over the speed limit

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