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November 4th - Draft Budget 2021 - Ward 3 - Barrhaven


  • $740,000 to renew infrastructure, including:

  • $290,000 to renew culverts on:

  1. Greenbank Road south of Jockvale Road

  2. Cambrian Road east of Borrisokane Road

  • $180,000 to resurface Fallowfield Road between the southwest Transitway and Woodroffe Avenue

  • $180,000 to renew the southeast Transitway between Strandherd Station and Berrigan Drive


  • $9.7 million to widen Strandherd Drive between Maravista Drive and Jockvale Road

  • $1.2 million to improve the intersection at Highbury Park and Longfields drives

  • $400,000 to design a roundabout at Greenbank and Half Moon Bay roads

  • Additional crossing guards at:

  1. Weybridge Drive and Radcliffe Gate

  2. Highbury Park and Longfields Drive

  3. Grand Canal Street and Cambrian Road

Parks and recreation

  • $1.7 million to build Cappamore Park

  • $1.4 million to replace lighting and asphalt in the parking lots at Walter Baker Sports Centre

  • $1 million to build Elevation Park

  • $623,000 to build Celestial Park

  • $487,000 to contribute to the developer build of Tom Schonberg Park

  • $220,000 to build Aura Park

  • $135,000 to build the second phase of Clarity Park

  • $100,000 to be used at the discretion of the Councillor to enhance recreation or park facilities.

Ward projects underway


  • $15.9 million to retrofit the Kennedy-Burnett stormwater management facility

  • $376,000 to resurface the southwest Transitway between Chapman Mills Drive and Marketplace Avenue and between Strandherd Station and Berrigan Drive

  • Design and upgrade the Ottawa South Pumping Station


  • Install pedestrian crossovers on:

  1. Mountshannon Drive at Oriska Way

  2. Cambrian Road, Golflinks Drive and Longfields Drive roundabout

  • Continue to design the Greenbank Road realignment, part of a $13.6-million project


  • Continue the Barrhaven LRT and rail-grade separation environmental study, part of a $2.3-million project

  • Continue to design the southwest Transitway extension from Chapman Mills Drive to Barnsdale Road, part of a $13.6-million project

Parks and recreation

  • $1.5 million to redevelop Cobble Hill Park

  • $1.2 million to build Dowitcher Park

  • $830,000 to build Clarity Park

  • $210,000 to replace play equipment at Weybridge Park

  • $150,000 to resurface the parking lot at the Charlie Conacher Community Building


  • Expand the gas-management system at the Trail Waste Facility to improve collection of landfill gas

  • Continue the Nepean groundwater treatment program to address lingering impacts from the former Nepean landfill

  • Conduct a groundwater modelling study to build the City’s understanding of the localized movement of groundwater at the Trail Waste Facility


  • $22,914 to help social housing providers complete building condition assessments and forecast long-range capital needs

Recently completed ward projects


  • Repaved Longfields Drive and Longfields Station


  • Installed a pedestrian crossover on Longfields Drive at Portrush Avenue

  • Implemented safety recommendations and studied snowdrift modeling and mitigation along Greenbank Road between West Hunt Club and Fallowfield roads

Parks and recreation

  • $325,000 to replace tile grout at the pool in Walter Baker Sports Centre

  • $189,000 to build Station Park

  • $188,000 to replace play equipment at Moloughney Park

  • $135,000 to build Merak Park

  • $5,944 to build the Carl Faulkner Ball Diamond at Lytle Park


  • $85,000 to replace the steel deck in Fire Station 4


  • $45,000 to install solar charging stations

  • Completed a project at the Trail Road Landfill that treated Nepean groundwater with in-situ biochemical injection


  • $40,000 through Ontario Renovates to repair and modify homes to support independent living for low-income seniors and people with disabilities

  • $38,844 to improve safety, accessibility and energy efficiency in social housing


  • $1.03 million for 30 additional child-care spaces for infants, toddlers and preschoolers

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