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May 3rd - Project Update: Strandherd Drive Widening

Construction update

  • The installation of the new watermain is complete and the watermain commissioning has begun.

  • Installation of catchbasins and electrical conduits for streetlights and traffic signals are on-going.

  • Construction of the new westbound lanes as well as construction of the new sidewalks and cycle tracks on the north side of Strandherd Drive is progressing well.

  • Landscaping of the Kennedy-Burnett Stormwater Management Facility will begin in late spring.

  • The pedestrian pathway around the Kennedy-Burnett Stormwater Management Facility will be paved in late spring.

Traffic management

In order to accommodate the watermain commissioning and connection to the existing watermain system, the traffic impacts listed below are expected.

Note that the dates are tentative. For up-to-date traffic impacts, you can visit the City’s interactive traffic map or follow the City’s traffic account on Twitter.

  • Tartan Drive – Lane reductions on Wednesday, May 4, Thursday, May 5, Friday, May 6, Monday, May 9 and as necessary.

  • Liebe Terrace and Aura Avenue – Lane reductions as necessary.

  • Fraser Fields Way – Temporary closure at the end of May or beginning of June.

  • Chapman Mills Drive – Lane reductions at the end of May or beginning of June.

  • Jockvale Road (south of Strandherd Drive near the Home Depot/Best Buy entrance) – Temporary nighttime closure in June.

Photo 1: Construction of sidewalk between Maravista Drive and Kennevale Drive

Watermain commissioning

After a new watermain is installed, it goes through vigorous cleaning and testing before it is commissioned and connected to the rest of the water system. The new pipe gets pressure tested (with a hydrostatic leakage test), cleaned, flushed, disinfected, flushed again and tested for bacteria.

To clean the watermain sections that are less than 400 millimetre in diameter, a swab (a large sponge slightly larger than the pipe to be cleaned) is inserted at one end of the pipe using a swab launcher and propelled to the other end of the pipe and into a swab catcher. Four swabs are used and then the system is thoroughly flushed.

After the system is pressure tested and cleaned, the watermain is disinfected and bacteriological sampling and testing is done. If the testing fails, the cleaning and disinfection process is repeated.

Photo 2: Swab launcher connected to the watermain

Photo 3: A close-up view of the swab launcher

Photo 4: Swab catcher connected to the other end of the watermain

Photo 5: Swabs

Connection to existing watermain system

Once the watermain has been successfully disinfected and passed all testing requirements, the new watermain is connected to the existing watermain system. The connections will be done at various side streets along the project (Kennevale Drive, Tartan Drive, Liebe Terrace, Aura Avenue, Fraser Fields Way, Chapman Mills Drive and Jockvale Road). That explains why you will see the construction crew excavate a hole at each of these locations and water service being interrupted for approximately four hours per location. While these excavations may appear random, they are part of a comprehensive plan to minimize disruptions to your water service.


The City of Ottawa, in its commitment to protecting people and the community, continues to work closely with the industry and to comply with recommendations provided by municipal, provincial and federal health officials, as well as the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development.


Accessibility is an important consideration for the City of Ottawa. The City makes every effort to provide access through and around construction sites. If you require special accommodation, please contact the project team listed below. Accessible formats and communication supports are available, upon request.

Mobility and you

Stay informed about capital infrastructure projects. Check out the City’s interactive traffic map and traffic report or call 3-1-1 for updates about when and where construction is happening.

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