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May 13th Update - City of Ottawa COVID-19 Response

Emerging Issues & Key Initiatives

Human Needs Task Force:

Community Needs:

  • Implemented an outreach plan for isolated seniors

  • Addressed immediate food security issues

  • Implemented prevention, containment and self isolation supports for at risk individuals and families

  • living in congregate living situations and experiencing homelessness

  • Identifying solutions for overcrowding in family and single shelters

Long Term Care Needs:

  • Enhanced infection control practices requiring additional staff time, supplies and monitoring

  • Restricted placement of staff to one health care service provider per Provincial directives

  • Developed partnership with local education institutions for the recruitment of health care students

  • Redeployed Recreation, Cultural and Facility Services staff to support the connection of residents and families to promote social and physical well being of residents

  • Partnered with Champlain Region Incident Command (IPAC) team to conduct site visits at the Peter D. Clark Centre

  • Completed surveillance COVID 19 testing of residents in all four City owned long term care homes

Emergency Child Care Needs:

Expanded eligibility criteria and enhanced precautionary guidelines has increased the demand for emergency care and requites:

  • Non profit agencies and schools to deliver service under new contract and guidelines (current proposals with Province awaiting

  • Opening of Andrew Fleck Child Care Service this week to expand capacity to meet waiting list demand

  • Increased requirements for screening and personal protective equipment (PPE) for municipal and non profit child care services

  • Increased costs for delivery to smaller population

  • Testing requirements for all child care staff


Retrofits and safety:

Assessing City facilities in accordance to public health guidelines with a focus on safety

Facility retrofits will include:

  • Physical distancing markers

  • Physical barriers

  • Sneeze guards

  • Floor decals

  • Signage

  • Working to secure sufficient inventory of medical and non medical personal protective equipment (PPE) required for reopening and availability of ongoing inventory

  • Implemented screening, cleaning and disinfecting protocols in accordance to public health guidelines

First Phase of Reopening:

Identified priority service areas for the first phase of reopening (aligned to Provincial government directives) including service level increases in the following service areas:

  • Community and Social Services

  • Continue delivery of emergency child care

  • Continue delivery of shelter distancing solutions and isolation centres

  • Expand limited social service case management functions

  • Resume counter drop off services for employment and social services and housing

  • Resume RGI recalculations and housing allowance administration

  • Affordable housing construction , new development oversight and focus on immediate shelter and homelessness needs

  • Resume contractual oversight of contracted agencies

Recreation Services Relax restrictions on outdoor spaces:

  • Community Gardens

  • Playgrounds

  • Boat ramps and docks

  • Skate parks and bike parks

  • Off leash dog parks

  • Outdoor sports courts


  • Public Works and Environmental Services: Waste water inspection, repair, preventative and maintenance services, some forestry services and stormwater management environmental services

  • Emergency and Protective Services: Spay & neuter clinics, property standards, fire and interior building inspections, parking and licensing enforcement and guard services

  • Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development Services: Permit approvals, building inspections, leasing, development reviews, planning, surveys and mapping

  • Client Services: Courtroom services at 100 Constellation and marriage licenses


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