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March 23rd - Help Keep Pets Safe During An Emergency

The Ottawa Fire Services and the Ottawa Humane Society have partnered to help keep pets safe in the event of an emergency.

Starting now, a “Save our Pets” Emergency Decal will be available at no cost to anyone who would like one.

This decal is to be placed somewhere on the front of the home to alert Firefighters of the total number of pets inside the home.

It is to be noted, that decals similar to this one have been launched in the past. An issue in the past was that the decals were hard to remove and therefore were not taken down when information changed and the decal became inaccurate.

With this in mind, the first step when creating this decal was that it was made out of vinyl material and is easy to peel on and off. We ask that home owners remove the decal when the information changes and order a new one at no cost. Also, if you move into a new home and there is a decal from a previous owner on a window or a door, we ask that you remove it.

Our Firefighters are highly trained and highly efficient when it comes to performing rescues in dangerous environments. The more information that they have, the better chance there is for a successful rescue. For example, if the home owner is not home, these decals make for an easy way for Firefighters to identify if there are pets inside when they arrive that may need to be rescued.

When practising your home escape plan, always make sure to keep your pet in mind and whose responsibility it will be to bring your pet to your meeting point. In the event that it is not possible to safely retrieve your pet in an emergency, we ask that you never go back in to rescue your pets. Notify the 911 dispatcher that there is a pet or pets inside and give them as much information as possible (where the pet was last seen, where it sleeps, where it may hide if it is afraid, etc.) Our dispatchers will ask the appropriate questions if something is missed and will quickly relay that information to the responding fire crews.

To order a no cost decal, please visit:

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