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March 23rd, 2020 - Ottawa Community Foundation - Marco Pagani, President & CEO

Our update to you

A week ago, we got in touch to let you know we were putting our Business Continuity Plan in place. I am pleased to let you know that our staff has seamlessly made the transition.

While again acknowledging the flood of information I know you are receiving, I would like to just provide the following brief update on what has transpired since we last communicated with you.

From social distance to community resilience

We launched the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund to encourage donations which will be disbursed to community organizations whose clients are at greatest risk and have the highest need during the crisis.We are waiving all service fees on these donations. A number of donors have already stepped up offering to follow our lead and we thank them for their compassion. Please consider joining us to build this fund.Join The Response

Our rapid response

We have been in touch with many organizations and coalitions, to understand where a fast infusion of funding could prevent the most marginalized from falling through the cracks. We plan to start making grants this coming week. After that, grants will be released on a rolling basis as fundraising continues through the crisis allowing us to adapt to evolving needs.

Our coordinated response

Even though we aim to be as nimble and agile as possible, we are in daily contact with key partners in our city, such as the City of Ottawa, United Way East Ontario, and Ottawa Public Health, to ensure that the funding we provide supports community priorities in a coordinated and complementary way.

Our strategic response

I was invited to join a group of eight community leaders whose mandate is to foster longer-term thinking and assessment of scenarios and solutions to guide the effectiveness of our city’s COVID-19 response. This means we are operating at every level from the strategic to the tactical.

I promise to keep these updates brief, but if you would like to keep current on our response to the most serious crisis Ottawa has faced in recent history, please visit our website or follow our social media channels for regular updates. You may find the FAQ section particularly useful especially if, depending on your need, you would like to contact one of our staff directly.

I close for now by thanking all of you for the part you are playing for the collective good.