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March 1st - Update from the Department of Roads & Parking Services

March is certainly making its entrance known. There is a full mixed bag of weather ahead of us. Your Roads and Parking Services team is ready to respond to the changing conditions.

Catch Basins

Since this morning, all available teams are out in the community addressing catch basin issues. Our teams are targeting known problems areas and resident concerns. At this time, our focus is to have teams on the road and opening up basins. We ask for resident patience as we respond to Service Requests.

Winter Weather

We are aware of a snow squall watch put into effect by Environment Canada. Our forecasters are also suggesting parts of our City could experience white out conditions late afternoon, just as the commute begins. Conditions are such that we could see a significant and intense burst of snow, wind and dangerous conditions. Our team will immediately respond to the conditions, working to keep roads safe, but we are asking residents to exercise extreme caution if a snow squall does occur. Please, stay off the road if possible, and if you must go out, drive to the conditions of the road.

Snow Removal

In some areas of the City, snow removal is taking place. This operation does double duty of opening up congested roadways and clearing catch basins. Snow removal is a planned operation that is critical at this time of year to open roadways and to remove snow that would otherwise melt causing pooling conditions.

It is going to be a busy day out there. We appreciate the support of residents who are proactively opening their local catch basins and supporting our winter operations.

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