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June 8th - Ash Tree Replacement Program

The City of Ottawa has lost thousands of ash trees due to the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB). This invasive beetle, native to Asia was first detected in North America in 2002. It has since killed tens of millions of ash trees and continues to spread, causing considerable economic and ecological damage.

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As a result, many private property owners were left with dead or dying ash trees. To help address this, South Nation Conservation (SNC) partnered with the City of Ottawa, for a third year, to offer a cost-sharing ‘Ash Tree Replacement Program’.

Following the same format as previous years; the program is available to property owners with affected ash tree(s) located in the City. Eligible applicants agree to use a forestry professional to confirm and remove EAB infected ash trees and to replace all removed trees with suitable native trees.

Managed similar to the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program with the partner Conservation Authorities, the Ash Tree Replacement Program is managed and administered by SNC. Funding support has been provided by the City of Ottawa.

Please share the attached program postcard with your residents, through your networks and newsletters. Interested applicants are encouraged to visit our program website at

SNC is committed to monitoring and managing invasive species and we are proud to partner with the City to provide services that protect our local environment.


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