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June 21st - Public Works’ ongoing response to the May 21st storm event in Ottawa.

Road, Sidewalk and Curbside Clean-up Efforts

Tree Related Debris Collection

Public Works has completed a first pass for the special collection of storm-related debris on all streets across the City. Many of the harder hit areas will require multiple passes to collect all debris. Second and third passes are already occurring in many areas, including Stittsville, Pineglen, Hunt Club, Navan, Sarsfield and Cumberland.

Public Works is asking residents to bring the remaining storm-related tree debris to the curb by Friday, June 24. This will allow crews to complete a final pass to collect storm-related debris. After this final pass has been completed, any remaining tree debris will be collected through service requests or as part of the regular leaf and yard waste schedule. For further leaf and yard waste set-out information, visit

Large debris may require special equipment to collect. Any large debris left at the curb after June 24th may be flagged on the regular leaf and yard waste collection day and left at the curb for a Public Works crew with special equipment to collect. That collection may occur several days after the regular waste collection day but rest assured, crews will be back to collect it.

Crews have begun street sweeping in areas cleared of debris to further clear roads and sidewalks of residual debris. During the coming weeks, crews will continue street sweeping operations in the hardest hit areas.

The disposal of organic storm-related organic debris at the Trail Waste Facility is free of charge until end-of-day Saturday June 25. Residents can haul organic storm-related waste to Trail Road at their convenience, and free of charge, until that date.

Management of Wood and Tree Debris

Wood and tree debris collected from curbsides and parks have been brought to six City yards across the city. Public Works is in the process of assessing options for the disposal of logs and wood chips. Council will be updated when that assessment has been completed.

Tree Stump Removal

Public Works is developing a plan to remove and grind tree stumps located on City property. If a stump is from a City tree, the City will address it. When a tree has been removed by the City, a notification is sent to the stump planning team and a work order is created. The number of City tree stumping service requests in the queue is significant; it will take some time to address them all. We appreciate residents understanding as we work through the time-consuming stump removal process.

If the stump is a private tree, the first step is to contact your insurance company for direction. The stump will need to be removed and disposed by the resident or a private contractor.

Residents are asked not to remove a stump before requesting utility locates. There may be underground gas lines, electrical services, telephone and cable TV infrastructure, streetlight wiring and water and sewer connections on their property. To request locates, residents can call Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255 or visit their website.

Parks and Forestry Clean-up

Public Works staff remain focused on addressing hazards in parks and responding to City tree debris on private property. 40 per cent of City owned parks were affected by the storm (528 of the City’s 1,300 parks). All parks are now safe to use, however significant clean-up work remains, including repairing 3 play structures and 1 swing set.

Clean-up in remaining parks requires coordination with forestry staff or contractors with specialized machinery. Public Works is prioritizing regular operations like grass cutting and programmed park use while continuing to support debris cleanup on roadsides and in parks.

Wild Parsnip Spraying

To reduce the growth of wild parsnip in highly infested areas, Public Works planned to begin wild parsnip spraying in parklands on June 6th. Wild parsnip spraying on roadsides is complete, however due to the debris in City parks and staff re-deployments to storm clean-up, spraying for wild parsnip in parklands was delayed. Staff can confirm that spraying will begin on Monday July 4th, weather permitting, and the planned 200 parkland locations will receive spraying. A full list of parkland spray locations will be provided to members of Council next week.

Return to Normal Operations

Some routine maintenance work was delayed while staff were redeployed to storm response. The majority of routine maintenance has resumed, and staff expect to be back on regular cycles and routines for almost all maintenance by the end of June.

Grass mowing cycles in passive parks and roadsides are approximately 95% completed across the city. Sports fields maintenance continues to be on schedule. Some passive areas are currently being cut for a second time post-storm.

Pothole filling and parks waste collection have all resumed and are back to normal maintenance cycles. Implementation of traffic calming measures by the original June 21st deadline will be met.

Public Works remains mindful that some residents are continuing to deal with the aftermath of the storm. Please visit the City’s storm response webpage for up-to-date information on what supports are available.

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