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July 13th - Update on 2022 Cycling Safety and Education Campaign at Signalized Intersections

Working in collaboration with Safer Roads Ottawa (SRO), the Cycling Safety Awareness Program (CSAP) team is leading part of the outreach and education campaign. The campaign serves to inform all road users, mainly focusing on cyclists, about why it is important to remain at the intersection stop line at a location highlighted by three yellow dots until the green signal is activated. Information on sensors and signal timing, and on how to safely and legally enter an intersection on a bicycle, are also part of the campaign.

Partnering with EnviroCentre, CSAP will provide in-person outreach at intersections with yellow dots, indicating where cyclists should remain until the green signal is activated, throughout the summer and into early fall. Cycling education booths at community events and workshops provided through the City’s 2022 Let’s Bike Campaign are also being coordinated to highlight how to safely use yellow dot infrastructure.

The cycling safety and awareness campaign specific to signalized intersections will include the following measures:

  • Yellow Dot Permanent Signage: Signs reminding cyclists to remain on the yellow dots at the detection loop until the green signal is activated are currently in production. Sign installation will begin in mid-July continuing until the first week of August and will prioritize locations with high cyclist volumes and where multi-use-pathways (MUP) intersect with signalized intersections.

  • Yellow Dot Temporary Lawn Signage: Temporary lawn signs are currently being designed. These will be similar to the permanent yellow dot signage and will be installed at key locations with high cyclist traffic and yellow dot infrastructure for the 2022 cycling season. These will enforce yellow dot messaging and may be rotated throughout the city as needed. These signs will be installed where they can be accommodated (i.e. presence of a grass boulevard area) and may include locations that are not scheduled for the first round of permanent signage.

  • Yellow Dot Buckslips: Buckslips informing road users how sensors work and highlighting the importance of remaining on the yellow dots until the signal turns green are being created. They will be distributed during in-person outreach events at key locations during the summer and fall, as well as at various community safety-related events. This messaging will also be posted on

Further to CSAP’s initiatives, SRO works with various stakeholders including Bike Ottawa, the Ottawa Police Service, Ottawa Fire Services and Ottawa Public Health to deliver and promote vulnerable road user education campaigns each year. In 2022, these include Lights on Bikes, Be Safe Be Seen, Cycling Safety Courses and the Pathway Patrol Program, each geared towards cyclists. These events will provide additional opportunities to provide cyclists with messaging related to yellow dots.

The application and refresh of yellow dots on the pavement at actuated traffic signals is ongoing. Traffic Services resources are actively dedicated to ensure that this work is prioritized during this year’s pavement marking maintenance season. Given that the yellow dots are adhesive reflective stickers, they must be applied manually which is a time-intensive process.

Together with our road safety partners, we continue to explore innovative solutions to help improve safety for all road users while they are within the right-of-way or on city pathways. Road safety is a shared responsibility. No matter how you travel throughout the city, stay alert, wait for the green signal, and always look both ways before entering the intersection.

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