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July 13th - Have your say in the City’s Infrastructure Master Plan

The City of Ottawa is seeking resident and stakeholder feedback on the preliminary policies and program recommendations of the Infrastructure Master Plan (IMP).

The IMP is a strategic document that sets growth-related goals, objectives, and priorities for municipal infrastructure related to water distribution, wastewater collection, and stormwater management, supporting the City’s New Official Plan project.

The draft preliminary policies and program recommendations include detailed infrastructure-related policies that support the New Official Plan and provide clarification on City expectations related to infrastructure planning, approvals, and implementation. It also includes new program recommendations to support intensification.

Feedback from residents and stakeholders is important to the City of Ottawa and will be considered as the City prepares the draft final IMP for consideration by City Council. If you have any comments or feedback on the document, please fill out the feedback form by Friday, July 22.

For more information on the IMP, please visit the Engage Ottawa webpage.

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