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January 1st - Winter Weather Parking Ban for January 2nd from 7am - 7pm

Our afternoon weather forecast indicates that our prediction of 8-12 cm of snow is accurate and expected in Ottawa over the next 24 hours. Our Roads and Parking Services Team will be out when the first snow starts to fall to clear and treat main roads and arterials as well as sidewalks and the winter cycling network.

The heaviest snow is expected to fall overnight with snow expected to end by noon tomorrow. As such, we will be doing a residential snow plow run and we are calling a winter weather parking ban. The winter weather parking ban will be in effect from 7 am – 7 pm on Saturday, January 2, 2021. This winter weather parking ban is in place to allow our teams to clear the roads to keep them safe for all residents. When there are no cars on the road, our machines are able to clear roadways closer to the curb keeping roads open and wider. We are more efficient and effective in their operations with resident support.

Unless you have an on-street parking permit, you are required to remove your vehicle from the roadway, or risk receiving a ticket and / or being towed. We know that during the lockdown special considerations were made for parking, but during a winter weather parking ban, these relaxed limitations are not in place. The winter weather parking ban regulations will be enforced.

Residents can prepare for the snow by signing up for our winter weather parking ban alerts at Residents can also consider where they will park their vehicle now that a ban has called – asking a neighbour to use their driveway, or to access one of the City’s available parking spaces. During the winter weather parking ban, it is not necessary to create a Service Request as all of our teams are actively out clearing roadways. Please wait 24 hours after the snow has stopped to report all but emergency situations.

Our Roads and Parking Services will be out today and tomorrow to keep roads safe for you. Please drive to the conditions of the road and give our vehicles the space needed to operate.

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