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February 26th - STO route changes will begin on Monday, June 21st

The Société de transport de l’Outaouais (STO) confirmed today that their route changes in downtown Ottawa, to connect STO services with the O-Train at Lyon Station, will begin on Monday, June 21.

With this change, all STO buses entering Ottawa via the Portage Bridge will connect with O-Train Line 1 at Lyon Station. These STO routes will follow one of three paths in Ottawa to ensure that the buses can move easily in traffic. Several STO routes will turn south on Lyon from Wellington and will continue east on Slater and north on Bank, returning to Gatineau via Wellington. Another group of STO routes will turn south on Bank from Wellington and will continue west on Queen and north on Lyon, returning to Gatineau via Wellington. The remaining STO routes will turn south on Lyon from Wellington, continuing east on Slater and the Mackenzie King Bridge to end at the University of Ottawa; these buses will return west on Mackenzie King and Albert, then north on Kent and west on Wellington to return to Gatineau.

These changes will improve service for OC Transpo customers by providing frequent and convenient connections from O-Train Line 1 to both STO and OCTranspo buses to destinations in Gatineau at Lyon Station. These buses will serve customers at bus stops on either Lyon or Kent, north of Queen. Customers transferring from OC Transpo Routes 6, 7, 11, 12, 18, and 19 to STO buses can do so at Parliament Station, using bus stops on Bank north of Queen.

These changes will improve service for STO customers by providing convenient connections to O-Train Line 1 at Lyon and Parliament Stations and by removing bus operation from the congested part of Wellington east of Bank. Full details of the STO route changes will be available at

OC Transpo and STO services are highly integrated for travel anywhere in the Ottawa-Gatineau urban area. Customers who hold a monthly pass from or purchase a single-ride fare on either system are able to transfer to the other system to complete their trips. OC Transpo’s Presto card and STO’s Multi card are both completely interoperable on both systems, and customers who have purchased a single-ride fare on STO buses need only scan the barcode on their transfer receipt to enter through the fare gates and into the O-Train system. OC Transpo bus routes operate into the central part of the Hull sector of Gatineau to provide connections to major workplaces. With the revised STO network, connections from O-Train Line 1 at Lyon Station will be even easier, as customers can also transfer to STO routes for more frequent service to the major workplaces and for direct travel to many destinations in Gatineau.

With this change to STO routes, the reconfiguration of bus operations in downtown Ottawa, which began with OC Transpo bus route changes before the opening of O-Train Line 1, will be complete. Other than westbound OC Transpo buses approaching Parliament Station and a small number of STO buses repositioning out of service, there will be no regular bus operation on Wellington between Elgin and Bank. The STO routes extending to Mackenzie King Bridge and the University of Ottawa will operate on Albert and Slater streets, at a much lower volume than the former Transitway operation. Overall, peak hour bus volumes in downtown east of Bank Street, for OC Transpo and STO combined, will be reduced by approximately 75 percent from their 2018 levels.

The STO routes serving Tunney’s Pasture Station are not affected by these changes, and some STO buses will continue to operate on Boteler, Sussex, King Edward, Rideau, and Waller to travel to or from the Mackenzie King Bridge.

The announcement by the STO follows approval of the route changes by their board today. The changes are further to a memorandum of understanding signed by the City, the STO, and the Ville de Gatineau in 2017, and renewed this week.

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