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February 14th - Injunction in Support of the City of Ottawa

This afternoon, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice granted the City of Ottawa's request for an injunction addressing the widespread disregard for municipal by-laws arising out of the ongoing demonstrations. The Court agreed that the City’s evidence of by-law violations (provided through GM of EPS, Kim Ayotte) was overwhelming and as such, the injunction will be issued today. In particular, the Court Order restrains persons from setting unlawful fires, discharging fireworks, causing noise, encumbering or damaging a highway by any means, and idling of vehicles in contravention of the Idling Control By-law.

The granting of the injunction supports the City's position that contraventions of municipal by-laws have negatively impacted the health, safety, and well-being of residents and visitors along with the economic, social and environmental well-being of the municipality.

The City's application was also joined by the Department of Justice (Federal) and the Attorney General (Ontario), who were granted intervenor status and supported the City’s application. I would also note the intervenors were able to ensure that the provincial and federal law enforcement authorities were offered the opportunity to have input on the enforcement provisions of the injunction, as was the Ottawa Police Service.

In keeping with my previous comments, I would reiterate that the City does not and cannot direct the police in respect of the handling of the protests, nor the enforcement of today's injunction. Rather, in concert with the recently enacted Provincial Emergency Orders, the injunction obtained by the City is intended to supplement the tools available to law enforcement authorities to address the unlawful conduct of protestors.

The Court will provide reasons for its decision, to be delivered at a later date. A copy of the Order will be provided to Members of Council under separate cover today.

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