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August 26th - Masks mandatory in indoor public spaces through October

To help limit the spread of COVID-19 as schools and businesses reopen, City Council today extended, until the end of October, the temporary by-law that makes masks mandatory in indoor public spaces. Masks are also mandatory in the common areas of condos and apartment buildings. Council can extend the temporary by-law again at a future meeting.

Council delegated authority to the General Manager of Emergency and Protective Services to require masks as needed in outdoor areas where physical distancing is not possible. Based on advice from the Medical Officer of Health, the General Manager can make masks mandatory in any high-risk area for up to 60 days, and rescind the order once the risk is reduced.

Residents are encouraged to continue practicing physical distancing, wash their hands frequently and stay home when sick.

The City remains in a state of emergency to maintain the flexibility required to respond to potential outbreaks of COVID-19 or a second wave of infection. Council received an update on the City’s service recovery and reopening activities, which incorporate guidance from public health officials and remain focused on the health and safety of staff and residents. The Human Needs Task Force continues to support our most vulnerable residents, including those who are at-risk, living in group homes and shelters, and experiencing homelessness. Council will receive a status update next month on the impact of COVID-19 on the City’s budget and associated financial mitigation measures.

To ensure safe and adequate rental housing, Council approved a new Rental Housing Property Management By-law and updates to the Property Standards By-law. The regulations, which will go into effect by August 2021, outline new requirements for both tenants and landlords related to property standards and pest-control measures. They also aim to increase tenant awareness about their rights and responsibilities.

The historic Booth Street Bridge, completed in 1874, will be restored to its original width and design in the coming years. Council approved a permit to alter the bridge, including conservation measures to address structural deficiencies. The retained original portion will be rehabilitated so it can connect future multi-use pathways.

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