Tartan PS Reliability Improvements: Phase 1

Phase 1 (of 2) of the City’s Tartan Pump Station Reliability Improvements project is currently scheduled to begin construction in June 2020. This sanitary pump station is located at 84 Tartan Drive at the west end of Houlahan Park.

This project will provide sewer backup protection to the community by adding a high-level overflow, improves operational flexibility, and will enhance public safety around the site.

Construction includes permanent relocation of the Houlahan Park parking lot access further west. The parking lot itself will remain open to the public during construction. New below-grade chambers, valves, and piping will allow the pump station to be bypassed for emergencies and maintenance purposes. An overflow connection will provide relief in the unlikely event that the pump station cannot manage incoming flows. Houlahan Park will remain open to the public with a work area around the existing pump station fenced off during construction. Four existing trees will be removed, and three saplings will be relocated as part of the work. Tree removals are planned for Winter 2020 to minimize scheduling risk. These will be replaced by twelve multi-stem trees planted in the west end of the park.

The pump station site will be fenced and separated from public access at the end of the project.

Phase 1 construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2020 with landscape restorations occurring in Spring 2021.

Phase 2 of the project includes a major renovation of the facility to replace aging equipment, increase reliability, and install permanent odour control equipment. Scheduling of Phase 2 has not yet been determined and is contingent upon funds becoming available.


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